Leftover Red Snapper Allocation

December 2014

GMQ is currently buying leftover 2014 Red Snapper allocation at $2.50 per pound.

To sell your quota, call Glen Brooks at (941) 920-7302.

Tile Fish Quota

February 2014

We’re currently looking for any amounts of tile fish quota.

For tile fish allocations we’re paying $0.65 per pound.

For tile fish shares we’re paying $8.00 per pound.

Just call Glen Brooks at (941) 920-7302  or email ifq@gfquota.com

Buying 2014 Allocations

January 2014

We are currently buying 2014 allocation at the following prices:

Red Grouper $0.75

Gag Grouper $2.00

Other Shallow Water $0.50

Deep Water $0.75

Red Snapper $2.75

To lease allocation from or to us, call 941-920-7302 or send an email to ifq@gfquota.com

2012 Subsidy Phase II

The Eastern Gulf Bycatch Reduction Incentive Program is returning for 2012 with some major changes. These changes and all other details can be found under the following links:

Subsidy II Main Page

Question & Answer

Bidding Application

Buying Gag Grouper Shares and/or Allocations

We are now looking to purchase Gag Grouper Shares and/or Allocations. If you would like to sell, or lease quota, you can contact us via phone (941-920-7302) or email (ifq@gfquota.com).

2011 Quota

We are now accepting posts for 2011: shares, allocations, permits, etc.  Send your information to ifq@gfquota.com and your offer should be up within 24 hours.

Eastern Gulf Bycatch Reduction Incentive Program

In order to reduce  the discarding of red snapper bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico, a temporary subsidy has been proposed for grouper fishermen operating east of Cape San Blas, Florida. The subsidy of $1 per pound of red snapper allocation will be available approximately January through June 2011 to encourage the landing of red snapper and reduce the number of discarded fish. For further details, and to apply, follow this link.

Our Purpose

Gulf of Mexico IFQ is here to serve the Gulf coast fishing Industry with secure and confidential transactions. With the new Grouper and Snapper IFQ (Individual Fishing Quota) we are here to help manage your business and balance your quota shares, so that you don’t have to discard valuable fish back over board.You can lease quota on your way to the dock after the fish are caught. Subject to availability: Call or email in advance. Your account must be set up in advance through our registration page, and all transactions are done securely. IFQ seller and buyer information are kept completely confidential.

What We Offer

Buying and selling of Gulf Coast IFQ (Individual Fishing Quota) Shares
Buying and selling of Gulf Coast IFQ (Individual Fishing Quota) Allocations
Buying and selling of Gulf Coast Permits and Endorsements
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